Souvenir Sales

Marion RSL offers a wide range of RSL branded products and souvenirs that make ideal gifts, presentation items, mementoes for visitors or anyone travelling interstate or overseas. Items that are not carried in stock can be obtained within days. Phone 8296 4535.

Hip Flask

90th Anniversary


Lanyard. Use for keys, ID card, USB drives.  

Limited Edition of 90 numbered Sherrin Match Grade Football with 90th Anniversary logos and signed by the RSL State President Jock Statton OAM  


Medallions 90th Anniversary Set of two medallions, each with the original two person badge on one side and the current four person badge on the other side


Handbook                           A guide to flag, meeting and services protocol. Includes military history, rank, insignia and medal information.



Long Tan 40th Anniversary Two Up set


Digger Bear  34cm high. Dressed in WW1 uniform complete with slouch hat, Rising Sun badges and puttees.





Sailor Bear - Jack Tar.           Dressed in white uniform complete with cap and navy blue trim. He proudly wears 'Australia' on his shoulders.



Vietnam Bear dressed in greens and bush hat.





RAAF Bear complete with wing and cap badges  
1ATF Vietnam Infantryman Cold-cast bronze resin, collector's item. It depicts an early conflict soldier, wet and with spent rounds on the ground below indicating recent action.        1:6 scale, numbered and part of the Naked Army series of Australian servicemen.  

BARDIA figure depicts a Western Desert soldier in greatcoat, jerkin jacket with tin helmet. Bayonet fixed to his .303, he is ready to head into action. 1:6 scale, numbered and part of the Naked Army series of Australian servicemen.

BULL shows Cpl Leslie 'Bull' Allen MM rescuing one of a dozen American soldiers while under enemy fire on Mt Tambu, New Guinea. This gallantry earned him the US Silver Star. 1:6 scale, numbered and part of the Naked Army series of Australian servicemen.  

ANZAC Biscuits 500g Collector's Tin.


ANZAC Biscuits 300g  
Tie. Navy and red stripes with RSL symbols           Click To View Image

Slouch Hat Penny Keyring       A uniquely Australian item. An original penny shaped like a slouch hat.



Bar Runner 90x23cm featuring a selection of Australian Service Medals 1899-1999    
Tobruk DVD, newsreel footage of the famous Seige of Tobruk and the men who became known as the Rats of Tobruk  
Kokoda DVD, Damien Parer's film footage of the Kokoda Campaign